About us

Almirah Radio Hour is dedicated to putting microstories under the magnifying glass. Join Sheela and Nina as they open the door and brush off the dust of local politics, art, and culture you might have missed this week.


Nina Bhattacharya


Nina is a writer, classical dancer, and lipstick enthusiast. In a past life, she was a Fulbright fellow in Indonesia, and most recently completed her MS in Global Health and Population at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In her current work as an instructional design specialist, she explores how visuals can make global health ideas accessible to diverse learners and educators. Her work has been published in The Toast, The Hairpin, The Aerogram, Feministe, and Jaggery. She reads all the captions at museums and overuses exclamation marks(!!). You can find her making magic at @onlynina and at http://onlynina.tumblr.com.


                             Sheela Lal

Sheela is a government enthusiast - whether it’s in Missouri, Colombo or Kolkata (don’t ask her about 2016 federal elections, there’s only so much her heart can take). Her worldview is informed by her Fulbright Fellowship researching film culture in Sri Lanka, working in the technology social enterprise space in West Bengal, and for the last three years, Missouri politics. She's starting her MBA at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and stoked to widen how she reacts to the news. 

When she isn’t busy getting up in arms about #MOLeg tomfoolery (or soon, the anxiety of grad school), she’s decompressing with friends smarter than her, attempting to finish a book, or running longer distances. You can find her making magic at @queenofblah.