Episode 11: A Syllabus and Song for Change (ft. Neel Agrawal)

This week, Nina and Sheela discuss feminist comics and reproductive rights. We also interview Neel Agrawal, an LA-based percussionist and librarian about radical librarianship and musical activism. Listen to Neel’s music at neelagrawal.com, and learn more about his African drumming law project at africandrumminglaws.org.

Thanks to Sheila Govindarajan for letting us showcase her track “Ima Ima” this episode. Go check out her stunning album, “Lady of the Lake,” at govilovemusic.com. Our opening track is “Laung Gawacha” by Nucleya. Original music in this episode by Michael Dwan Singh.

Our new cover art is by the incredible Mili Sethia. Find more of Mili’s work at facebook.com/esqueer.

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